Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (31 May 2022)-The Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing organized a forum to promote trade and investment in the medical, health, and pharmaceutical sectors in conjunction with Beijing Beimao Jingyuan Health Consulting Inc.

There were over 40 enterprises in the sector in attendance, as well as representatives from the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, the Ethiopian Investment Commission, and partner institutions.

During the forum, H.E Teshome Toga, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the Republic of China, said that “FDI in Ethiopia in the past nine months registered a growth of 18.33 percent in 2022 compared to the same period last year,” adding that the growth increased from 2.05 billion USD in 2021 to 2.43 billion USD in 2022.

Ambassador Teshome reaffirmed the government’s priority for the industry, saying, “The health and medical sector in Ethiopia is a priority of the government of Ethiopia as stated forth in its 10-year development plan that intends to boost Ethiopia’s local production capacity.”

H.E. Ambassador Gebeyehu Ganga (Ph.D.), Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Middle East, Asia, and Pacific Affairs, said: that local production only covers 5% of the demand from the sector, giving investors a wide opportunity to engage in the sector.

During the forum, Mrs. Shi Lili, CEO of Beijing Beimao Jingyuan Health Consulting Inc., told the attendees that Ethiopia, as a member of the African Union and the home of its headquarters, has a huge potential for partnership, including in health and medical services.

Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia


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