In a LinkedIn post, CEO of Qene Games Dawit Abraham expressed his confidence that Ethiopia (Africa) can soon become a leading game and digital entertainment producer in the world. “However,” he told Yahoo Finance, “The first step we need to take to make this a reality is to give African creators easy access to sell their content in the African market.”

To this end,  Qene games, Ethiopia’s first game development studio and the creator of award-winning mobile games Kukulu and Gebeta, announced in April 2022 that it is partnering up with Ethio Telecom to release its games to the market by utilizing Ethio Telecom’s FinTech solutions. The immediate goal of the alliance is to solve the prominent challenge faced by Qene: payment methods. Through this collaboration, options such as subscriptions and in-app purchases will become accessible to its users.

The partnership is set to kick off using Qene’s first-ever mobile game, Kukulu. Following this launch, Qene will work to make its entire game library, as well as additional high-quality games sourced locally and from other continents, available to the Ethiopian market.

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