Qinash, literally meaning “discount” in Amharic, is an Ethiopian web and mobile commerce app which brings you fresh local deals with real-time discounts. The newly released app, compatible with both iOS and Android phones, includes many features desired by both sellers and consumers.

Using novel strategies and new delivery schemes, Qinash targets to serve 2% of Ethiopia’s e-commerce market, valued at $1.2 million, and plans to acquire 4.4 million users in the coming three years.

Transcending the previous practice of posting discount ads on shop windows limited to the eyes of passersby, Qinash enables any interested retailer to promote seasonal discounts and special package offers to a much broader audience.

Furthermore, Qinash has designed its own delivery system rather than outsourcing to another logistics company, and personally delivers all sales made through its platform. All transactions completed by sellers are then recorded and compiled neatly on the user’s dashboard.

For all the advertising, distribution, and monitoring services it provides, Qinash only charges sellers a 5-10% commission fee. So far, the platform has onboarded 100+ retail outlets and 4000+ users, according to Shega.

Consumers, on the other end, save time, trips, and money by going through their shopping list quickly and easily, choosing from a variety of options, and having their purchases delivered to their doorstep.

From groceries/foods, fashion, health and beauty, leather products, to electronics, home and kitchen appliances, kid’s fashion, and furniture, Qinash offers buyers a range of items with discounts that go as high as 50%. Shoppers also get notified of the status of their purchase through the app’s buyer notification bar.

Qinash is led by 5 young men with technology and business backgrounds. Each founding member leads departments within the startup such as product development, business development, operations and marketing. Being part of 3 startup support programs such as SolveIt, YAW incubation, and Ahun acceleration programs has equipped the founders with important business, strategy, and marketing skills.

Amadou Daffe (Co-founder/CEO at Gebeya Inc.), Elias Demessie (Software Development Engineer at AWS), and Derartu Doto (Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook) make up the advisory team for this startup.

For the past 3 years, Qinash has been bootstrapped and financed by grants awarded by support organizations. This fund has been invested in the development of Qinash’s mobile/web app, signing up businesses on the platform, promoting to buyers, and exploring multiple delivery options.

“Last-mile delivery is complicated and expensive, especially when it involves direct-to-consumer deliveries, we have struggled to find the right logistics company to outsource our delivery operations to. Which is why we have decided to design our own delivery system,” says Biniam Alemayehu Founder and CEO of Qinash in a statement sent to Business Info Ethiopia. “Qinash’s delivery system will incorporate e-bikes to ensure affordability and efficiency of service,” added Biniam.

Qinash is also planning to switch from cash on-delivery to digital payment options such as Telebirr and Chapa, allowing locals transact more conveniently. If realized, this move will also permit the Ethiopians abroad to buy gifts for their loved ones here using international payment options.

So far the platform has onboarded 100+retail outlet, and 4000+ users. Just recently Afri Herbal a local cosmetic manufacturing brand joined Qinash to promote a seasonal discount package for their products. Biniam mentioned, “Working directly with manufacturers and other digital retailers is another area of engagement the Qinash team will be working on in the coming months.”


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