Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (11 March 2023)

The Ethiopian Djibouti Railway (EDR) has experienced a remarkable four-fold increase in revenue over the past five years, now reaching an impressive 2.6 billion Birr. The company has transported an astounding 1.9 million tons of cargo annually, displaying commendable achievements in operation, maintenance, and capacity building since 2018.

The Addis Ababa – Djibouti railway line stands as a shining example of the flourishing Sino-African partnership, which has exhibited resilience and endurance, promising a brighter and more robust future. EDR has invested in over 2,200 local staff members, including Ethiopians and Djiboutians, providing them with theoretical and practical training and certification to undertake their work independently. The company has attracted a significant increase in customers, demonstrating its trustworthiness and reliability as a transportation provider.

Despite facing various challenges, EDR has delivered notable results over the past five years, playing a vital role in fostering Ethiopia’s multifaceted interconnectedness with Djibouti. The railway offers a reliable transport service that contributes to the economic growth of both countries, with a 35% yearly increase in operational efficiency. Ethiopia has significantly improved its agricultural, manufacturing, and mining exports, while the Djibouti Port continues to rank as the best port in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald




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