In an article posted on January 17th, “State of the African Games Industry 2022”, Games Industry Africa published a report on the gaming industry of five major countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. The number of Sub-Saharan gamers has more than doubled in the last five years, according to a report commissioned by Carry1st and Newzoo, and the region is expected to be the fastest-growing globally for both mobile gamers and people who pay for games.

You might be surprised to know that according to the publication, 13% of Ethiopians played games, 33% of those paid for games, and generated annual revenue of 35 million dollars in 2021 alone. Whilst these stand below South Africa’s- the leading Sub-Saharan country in gaming- figures (40% play, 43% pay, and revenue were $290 million), Ethiopia nonetheless shows a promising future for its gaming industry with its burgeoning youth population and growing access to mobile phones and internet. 


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