Hybrid Designs PLC, which entered the RIDE hailing market in 2014, has announced the launch of a new feature for corporate companies called RIDE PLUS.

According to the company statement, corporate clients can sign up to RIDE Plus and allow beneficiaries to use RIDE easily. “All transactions are reviewed on a web page with complete information on payer, receiver, trip history, Date, and route info”.

Moreover, it is learnt that corporate companies can limit and control beneficiary spending by Date, time, amount, and the number of trips using the new feature.

RIDE, the #1 taxi-hailing and booking platform in Ethiopia, has a network of more than 40,000 drivers and supplies 500k trips a day in Addis Ababa.

Cepheus Capital estimated RIDE gross booking value of Birr 5mn to 6mn per day in 2020. The company also reached 500,000+ App downloads, followed by Zay Ride and Feres with more than 100k app downloads.

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