For Roaming Rooster co-owner Michael Habtemariam, owning a restaurant was a dream of his ever since he immigrated from Ethiopia. He, along with his brother Biniyam and his sister-in-law Hareg Mesfin started the restaurant because there wasn’t a good fried chicken truck in Washington, D.C., according to BNC.

By 2018, Roaming Rooster had four trucks in the nation’s capital when Habtemariam and his family decided to open their first brick and mortar shop. However, the fast-growing chicken sandwich shop in the D.C. metropolitan area didn’t happen without some adversity. Despite the challenges of being an Ethiopian immigrant owning a business, Habtemariam is grateful for his parents for instilling in him and his four siblings a hard work ethic and providing them opportunities to succeed. 

Roaming Rooster’s plan is to open in more locations across the country, but it wants to do it one store at a time to keep up the consistency of the food and the customer service. But Habtemariam’s dream is to build a Roaming Rooster in Ethiopia. He says, “It would be amazing taking Roaming Rooster to the motherland.”

Source: Black News Channel


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