Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (29 May 2022)-Russian grain production in 2022 may exceed last year’s levels, reaching a peak of over 130 million tones, according to Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev. Russia harvested 121.4 million metric tons of grain in 2021, including 75.94 million metric tons of wheat. According to the Russian Agriculture Ministry, a record harvest of 133.5 million tones was reached in 2017.

He also stated that Russia’s grain export quota system will be maintained next season, and that grain exports from Russia might exceed 50 million tons in 2022.

The minister went on to say that Russia is ready to supply high-quality products to foreign partners to boost global food security. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Thursday that the country’s grain harvest in 2022 could surpass 130 million tones, including 87 million tons of wheat, establishing a new record.

According to Sputnik, Ukraine, and Russia account for 30 percent of world wheat exports, 20% of maize exports, and 76% of sunflower exports.



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