Energy solutions, electrical technological holding company ERSO, one of Russia’s leading energy businesses, has expressed interest in investing in Ethiopia’s energy industry, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ethiopian Embassy in Russia recently informed the company’s management on investment potential in Ethiopia’s energy industry, led by Mr. Goran Malbasic.

According to the ministry, “ERSO is one of the most respected companies in the energy industry, excelling in specialized supplies, servicing, and exporting of high, medium, and low voltage power generation, distribution, and transmission equipment, including distribution transformers, power reactors, and renewable energy solutions.” According to the firm’s description, ERSO is a diversified integrated corporation that specializes in complicated equipment and the implementation of new building projects, as well as the reconstruction and upgrading of energy infrastructure.

The company consists of four manufacturing facilities, as well as its own design and research institutions, a design office, and service and testing centers. It should be remembered that Ethiopia’s government and Russia inked a contract a few years ago to produce nuclear energy for Ethiopia, which will be utilized for medical and other non-military purposes.

Source: ENA


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