As previously reported, the 3rd round of 20/80 and 14th of 40/60 Addis Ababa condo unit handovers took place on Friday, July 8, with 25,491 units available for transfers to a disproportionate 79,744 people.

None of the 18,648 20/80 housing units had three bedrooms, which led to public suspicion and criticism. The mystery was finally resolved when the Addis Ababa City Administration revealed that the main offender was a system error that presumed this category had been finished during the lottery’s 12th round. It was reportedly caused by the assumption that people who had incomplete applications during the 12th round would not finish the requirements for this round.

Consequently, a second lottery for inhabitants who fall under the 20/80 three-bedroom dwelling unit category will be held, according to the Addis Ababa City Administration.


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