Sharp Energy Solutions Europe expands its PV business in Ethiopia, getting along with several million JCM subsidies for PV panels. As a Japanese company, Sharp can give access to attractive subsidy schemes from the Japanese government for PV power plants in multiple countries around the world.

The Japanese government’s subsidy plan, which is known as the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), is a project-based crediting program started by the Japanese government to help spread low-carbon technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 17 nations.

Sharp has completed numerous projects in Mexico, Thailand, Mongolia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Laos, and Palau, while multiple projects in Vietnam and Chile are currently underway. Sharp is responsible for JCM application, registration, and module supply under the JCM program.

Projects with “JCM” eligibility ranging from 100kWp to 100MWp and bigger are included in the collaboration. With planned PV investments, independent system owners active in Ethiopia should have the funding and payback scheme (PPA or self-consumption) ready, and preferably self-consumption has driven in the consumer & industrial or free-field PV systems segment.

Sharp will accompany the partner through the entire JCM procedure and ensure that the project owner receives the approximately 40% subsidy for PV Panels as part of the agreement.

“Our strategic strategy predicts huge expansion of the project business in Ethiopia,” says Peter Thiele, President of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe. Sharp will take care of the JCM process and plan and build the PV project with our local partner in collaboration with our partners. A local Ethiopian company with land or rooftop space planning to invest in a PV system with the least capacity of 100kWp and a maximum capacity of several MW is our ideal project candidate.”


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (03 Jun 2022)


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