Soufflet Malt Ethiopia, a branch of the French company Malteries Soufflet, has announced that it has created the capacity to fully cover the beer barley demand in Ethiopia with domestic production. At the time of its inauguration in May 2022, the factory was getting only 75% of the beer barley it needed from the country.

As Ethiopia is considered one of the largest producers of barley in the continent, Soufflet established its first, and currently only, outlet in Africa here for a whopping 60 million euros. Jean-Benoit Vivet, general manager of the firm, mentioned that the factory has carried out various activities to fully cover its raw material needs in the country. As a result of the effort, Soufflet Ethiopia will not import any barley input in the fiscal year 2022/23.

Formed with an initial capacity to produce 60 thousand tons of malt per year, Soufflet is now working towards doubling that number in the coming years. The number of farmers working with the firm, likewise, has surpassed its original estimate of 50,000 to reach 70,000 people. Soufflet’s ultimate goal in Ethiopia, as per Vivet, is to completely replace imported beer barley, which the country spends up to 100 million dollars for.


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