Sunshine Investment Group, an Ethiopian conglomerate with interests in real estate, road construction, hotel development, and mining, has launched SunPick, a ride-hailing service. SunPick, which will be introduced next week and was created locally, is attempting to break into the crowded industry by introducing new features for both drivers and passengers and enhanced security features for drivers is one of these add-ons.

Drivers have had a difficult time responding to commands at night, since several vehicles have been stolen and drivers have been slain. SunPick thinks that by bringing out passenger verification tools, it can provide its drivers peace of mind. Passengers who want to be verified on SunPick must upload an updated ID card or a passport.

According to Fasil Tsige, Marketing Manager at SunPick Transport PLC, the app notifies drivers the verification status of users putting orders, which might assist them decide whether to take orders during inconvenient times. The driver app also has a route sharing option, which allows drivers to share their route and location with neighboring drivers and call centers if they feel unsafe.


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