Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (31 August 2022)

The just-ended fiscal year showed a 27% growth in imports, rising from $14.2bn in 2020-21 to a historic high of $18.1bn in 2021-22. The major countries that contributed to the country’s trade include:

  • China: Having provided $3.3bn or 18% of total imports, China continues to be the leading source of Ethiopia’s imports for the 20th time in a row.
  • India: Skyrocketed to the 2nd largest source of Ethiopia’s imports, contributing $2.7bn worth of products (15% of total). According to some speculation, India has become a significant exporter of grains such as wheat after Ukraine invasion.
  • UAE: $1.2bn (7% of total), Saudi Arabia ($1.14bn, 6%), Kuwait ($1.07bn, 5.9%), Turkey ($1.05bn, 5.8%), and USA ($998mn, 5.5%) sold close to or slightly above $1bn worth of products.
  • The remaining three countries are Morocco ($920mn, 5% of total), Malaysia ($871mn, 4.8%), and Egypt ($750mn, 4%)

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