Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (28 May 2022)- According to the EPA, the FDRE Ministry of Finance and the Africa Development Bank signed a Grant Agreement worth USD 830,000 (ETB 4.2 million) in support of Improving Climate Resilience of Communities and Ecosystems through Integrated Water Resources Management in the Ziway-Shalla Lakes Sub-Basin during a ceremony held in Accra, Ghana on the sidelines of the AfDB Annual Meeting.

The funds will be used to assist in the development of an optimized, climate-informed water resources development plan with an investment strategy and a water allocation plan based on Integrated Water Resources Management principles for implementation in the Ziway-Shalla Sub-Basin to promote efficiency, long-term water security, biodiversity issues surrounding several lakes in the area, and upstream watershed management, which is critical for the Ziway-Shalla Sub-Basin.

According to the EPA, the agreement was signed by Mrs. Semereta Sewasew and Dr. Kevin Kariuki, who represented the Ministry of Finance and the Africa Development Bank, respectively.


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