The Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Skills in partnership with Enkopa (Gold Ore in Ge’ez), an organization dedicated to celebrating and promoting Ethiopian entrepreneurs, will be hosting the National Jobs and Enkopa Summit at Sheraton Hotel.

Scheduled to tale place on August 15 and 16, 2022, the Summit will:

  • State the Ethiopian government’s strategic stance on job creation, skill development, and the domestic labor market.
  •  Offer a platform to link important labor market participants, politicians, organizations working on the jobs development agenda, and job searchers.
  •  Highlight significant steps taken by the government to create a thriving tech ecosystem, including improvements to policy and direct assistance to ecosystem participants.
  • Describe Ethiopia’s strategy plan for boosting gigs, outsourcing, and freelancing, along with important tech industry reforms
  • Establish connections between those with entrepreneurial abilities and funding sources
  • Encourage investments that could generate a lot of jobs.
  • Promote B2B and B2G connections, among other things.

The program is made possible by collaboration with MasterCard Foundation’s Young African Works and UNDP, and partners, First Consult, and Ethiojobs. The panelist who will speak that day include H.E Nigussu Tilahun, H. E Samuel Kidane, Mehert Yonas, Habtamu Alemayehu, Abule Mehare Warkagegnehu (PHD). Leading the panel discussion on Labor Supply and Demand Linkage will be’s Chief Operating Officer, Dina Makonnen, and shall be moderated by their Country Manager, Hilina Legesse.


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