According to the Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EHI), the National Lottery Administration (NLA) increased its sales in 2014 E.C. (2021-22) to reach ETB 841 million, representing a growth of 4.6% YOY. The report also showed over 10,000 workers have been employed as commission sales agents by the company.

The EIH has counseled NLA to refocus as a public commercial organization, establishing corporate governance and developing a business strategy.

NLA reportedly plans to expand the range of products it offers, introduce new high-caliber standards and technology, and reorganize its structure.

It may be recalled that a partnership was forged between NLA and Ethio Telecom for the provision of lottery services on digital platforms.

This partnership is said to make the service easily accessible and convenient for customers nationwide, and is expected to earn further income in the process.


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