The presence of gold, granite, and precious metals in the Konso zone, Lehayite Kebele, Karat District, has been announced, and mining has officially begun in the area.

Gelgelo Gelsho, Deputy Administrator and Head of the Konso Zone’s Trade and Market Development Department, Tesfaye Chare, Zonal government whip, Oda Otoman, Speaker of the Konso Zone council, and other senior officials from the zonal and Karat surrounding woreda have kicked off the gold mining activities in Lehayite Kebele.

According to the Konso Zone communication bureau, two cooperative unions in Lehayite Kebele, Karat Woreda, in Konso Zone of the Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s (SNNP) regional state began gold mining activities on April 20 with about 100 unemployed youths organized in two blocks under the two cooperatives.

Mentesnot Lemita, the chairman of the zonal water, mining, and energy development department, claimed that two blocks of gold production sites encompassing 8 hectares of land in the area had been set up, and that two local cooperative unions had been formed to work on the gold mining activities.


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