The Addis Park (Millennium Hall), which has served as a COVID medical and emergency response center for the past two years, was given to its owner, Medrock Investment Group, with appreciation by the Ministry of Health.

The Millennium Hall, which was previously used as a Covid-19 Medical and Emergency Response Center, will now be closed and repurposed.

“We have gone through many difficulties in the last two years to prevent the covid-19 epidemic, and we are happy to be able to overcome the problems it is causing,” said Dr. Lia Tadese, the minister of health, during a ceremony to hand back management of the facility to its original owner, Medrock Investment Group.

The minister continued her speech ‘After eight weeks of planning, the work reportedly began by converting the halls into a hospital and finishing the resources, and many people have been able to heal.’ She expressed gratitude to the Millennium Medical College of St. Paul’s Hospital for their effective project planning and leadership.

The Millennium Hall facility, built in 2006 by Ethiopian businessman Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi for the celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium, has been serving as a Covid medical and emergency response center for the past two years, in contrast to its original purpose of hosting events of national, regional, and international standing with thousands of delegates and visitors.

Ato Jamal Ahmed, CEO of Medrock Investment Group, stated that the company is prepared to take all necessary actions to respond to public inquiries, just as it donated 120 million birr to the Addis Abeba government and the Millennium Hall to the Ministry of Health to combat the coronavirus.

Source: FBC


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