The National ID Program of Ethiopia has organized a special event for the diaspora community in Technology stream of work to learn more about Ethiopia’s journey to digital identity and to create an experience sharing platform.

Where: Ethiopian National ID Program office

When: 14th of January

Register: LINK

According to the National ID Program, the Government of Ethiopia recognizes a digital to create robust social services, digital economy and society is essential and a National Digital ID provides the foundation on which these goals will be achieved.

Dalberg’s study (Aug 2021) found evidence that government and private sector interventions in Kenya boosted the use of digital services during the pandemic. The study revealed, 97% of Kenyan adults use their national ID to access various digital services including digital health.

Ethiopia has been striving to give national digital identification card (ID) to citizens with age of above 18 years until 2025, the National ID Program CEO Yodahe Arayaselasie told to state media ENA. The ongoing pilot projects are in the pipeline with many organizations, including the Ministry of Education, Ethio telecom, Industrial Parks Development Corporation, Productive Safety Net Program, banks and vital events registration offices, he pointed out.


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