With approximately 250 babies born every minute globally, 1000 per four minutes, one might be curious as to which continents and countries account for how many of the newborns.

According to data published by Stats of India compiled using population and birth rates as of 2022 estimates, the greatest number of babies are likely to hail from Asia (511), followed by Africa (326), the Americas (106), Europe (52), and lastly, Oceania (5). The countries with the highest numbers in each of these regions are respectively, India (172), Nigeria (57), the USA (30), Russia (10), and Australia (2).

Ethiopia stands 8th in the world and 3rd in Africa with a share of 25 babies out of the thousand. The country is preceded only by Nigeria and DR Congo (32).

While hundreds of thousands of babies are born around the world each day, it’s worth noting that the annual population growth rate has been on a decline since its peak in the 1960s (at a 2.1% annual rate).

According to Our World in Data, it’s expected that annual population growth could drop all the way to 0.1% by the end of the 21st century.


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