Science museums are those devoted primarily to showcasing the discoveries and wonders of science. Older ones tended to concentrate on static displays of objects related to natural history, paleontology, geology, industrial machinery, and so on, while modern trends have broadened the range of subject matter and feature various sorts of technology.

In keeping up with this shift, the newly inaugurated science museum in Addis Ababa has been dedicated to showing the marvels of modern human technology with a focus on further curating Ethiopia’s rich indigenous knowledge, science, and art.  

Situated on a 6.78-hectare compound and built on a 15,000-square-meter plot of land, the complex has a vast area allocated for temporary and permanent exhibition where over 360 immersive and interactive experiences await visitors.

The building has four educational sections, each with its own unique subject and presentation.

  • Room of Human Condition: explores the various challenges faces by humankind and the innovative methods used to overcome them, ranging from nutrition to new frontier medicine.
  • Room of Systems: looks at the evolution of information and mobility systems in Ethiopia and across the world.
  • Room of Resources: delves into and raises appreciation for water and energy resources, as well as the development and shaping of materials to satisfy our needs.
  • Room of Exploration: located in the hybrid-dome section of the complex, this room is a first-of-its-kind planetarium in Ethiopia that aims to ignite interest in astronomy, geology, biology and more.

Although nowhere near the Deutsches Museum, the largest science and technology museum in the world, the Addis Ababa one has been dubbed the largest in Africa yet.

The center, in addition to being an incredibly valuable resource for public education and engagement in science research, can become a sizable source of income for the country through tickets for entrance, various cafes, theater, wedding and exhibition (art and other) spaces.

Its doors will remain open for free to visitors until October 24, 2022.


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