Warehouse and Quality Operations: An integrated warehouse system from the receipt of commodities on the basis of industry accepted grades and standards for each traded commodity by type to the ultimate delivery. ECX warehouses provide the following services:

Sampling, Grading, weighing and certifying of the grain, pulses, oil seeds and coffee; Weighing, receiving and issuing Electronic Goods Received Note which matches ECX automated system; Recording system for incoming and outgoing  commodities and daily stock position reports; Proper handling of the commodity at the warehouse (store layout, stacking, bin no, inventory management); Reporting system and formats for up-to-date information exchange between ECX and the area warehouses; Maintain the quality of received products; and Sell of standardized PP bags for grain, oil seeds and Pulses commodities.

Central depository: ECX maintains a Central Depository or Registry of warehouse receipts which guarantee product integrity. The Exchange Central Depository provides the following services:     

Create Electronic Warehouse Receipts; Maintain and edit required electronic warehouse receipt data; Maintain a register of Depositors; Effect settlement of contracts traded on the Exchange by transferring Electronic Warehouse Receipts between holders; Issue Delivery Notices after transfer of Electronic Warehouse Receipt; Void or cancel Electronic Warehouse Receipts; and Reconcile records daily

Trading Operation: a spot exchange for more than 200 different spot contracts are traded by the ECX members or their authorized representatives.

Clearing and Settlement: ECX’s zero default, fast and efficient Clearing and Settlement department assumes Central Counter Party (CCP) risk for all members trades.

Compliance: The Compliance Division is responsible for formulating and enforcing the Rules of the Exchange and all other relevant laws affecting the operation of the Exchange.



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