As of 2021, the most peaceful country in the world is Iceland; qualities that make it the most peaceful nation on Earth include low crime rates, robust education and welfare systems, fair pay for workers, and “non-existent” tension among the economic classes. New Zealand, is ranked second most peaceful on the list, followed by Denmark, Portugal, and Slovenia.

The 10 least peaceful countries according to the index are Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, DRC, Libya, Central African Republic, and Russia, respectively. #Ethiopia is ranked 133 (out of 163) on the list.

Released each year by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the Global Peace Index evaluates a total of 23 indicators to compile the list, which can be sorted into three distinct categories: militarization, safety and security, and domestic and international conflict. The indicators are then combined into a single Peace Index Score.


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