The UNDP and the Finance Bureau of the Amhara Region have agreed to provide financial and in-kind support for the region’s efforts at restoration and reconstruction.

The agreement was signed by Turhan Saleh, a representative of UNDP Ethiopia, and Tilahun Mehari (PhD), Head of the Finance Bureau for the Amhara Region.

At the time, Tilahun said the money would be used to restore social development institutions that had been devastated by the war. He exhorted other partners to help regional reconstruction efforts in the same manner as UNDP.

Turhan Saleh, a UNDP representative, stated that numerous infrastructures, including institutions for education, health, and justice, had been harmed in the area as a result of the violence and pledged continuous support to repair the facilities and support other development initiatives in the area.

He said that many individuals in the region have lost their companies as a result of the violence and that UNDP will concentrate on supporting small and medium-sized businesses in order to aid efforts to create jobs in the region. 14 field cars, laptops, PCs, and 6.2 million USD in cash make up the assistance.


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