Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (29 March 2023)

The Immigration and Citizenship Service has announced the temporary discontinuation of its “urgent” passport service. The service, provided by the Immigration and Citizenship Service headquarters and the 11 regional branch offices, has been halted due to a rise in document frauds and an overflow of cases exceeding capacity.

Moreover, the early morning-time service delivery has resulted in customers being subjected to abuse and harm from various illegal individuals. Therefore, the service has been suspended until capacity and other gaps are fixed.

For those with urgent travel plans, service seekers will only be processed at the main office starting from March 29, 2023, by providing proof of urgency. Customers are advised to beware of illegal brokers.

However, regular passport customers will continue to be processed through the existing process. The Immigration and Citizenship Service urges customers to remain patient and cooperative during this temporary disruption of services.

Source: TIKVAH


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