Ethio telecom and Ethiopian Airlines signed an agreement today on a domestic flight ticket online purchasing system via telebirr. The payment system integration agreement signed by the two titans will play critical roles, particularly in providing Ethiopian Airlines passengers with easy, fast, convenient, and secure telebirr-based flight ticket online purchasing service at any time and from any location as a mode of payment, reads Ethio Telecom statement.

The press release went on to say, “Since the current number of telebirr service users has reached over 17.6 million, this officially launched online payment system would enable the Ethiopian Airlines’ customers to purchase domestic flight online tickets via telebirr, which is an easy and secured payment option and will help the Airlines to attain its 2.52 million customers’ domestic flight annual target of the year 2022. As a case in point, through the online ticket sales testing level launched on 14th April 2022 to this day, Ethiopian Airlines could manage to sell domestic flight tickets worth 6.67 million birr via telebirr.”

According to Ethio Telecom, since the launch of the telebirr service in May 2021, over 12.58 billion birr has been transferred or transacted, while over half a million USD (528.4 thousand dollars) has been transferred via telebirr from 34 countries in collaboration with eight international telebirr remittance partners.

Furthermore, the digital transaction service coverage via telebirr and the number of service rendering partners is rapidly expanding; currently, Ethio telecom provides telebirr services at 353 shops and through 80 master agents, 64,000 agents, and over 16 thousand merchants; and it has also made system integration with 12 commercial banks in the country to render financial transfer service via telebirr.

Over 52 institutions, including traffic fine payments, have integrated their services with telebirr to run their businesses online, collect monthly bills, and offer a variety of online services to their customers. Furthermore, as stated in the statement, Ethio Telecom has already made the necessary preparations to integrate the telebirr payment system with more than 20 governmental and non-governmental organizations and will soon officially launch the service.

Source: Ethio Telecom


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