Wegen Technology Solutions PLC launched an Ethiopian-based donation platform, WegenFund, in collaboration with Bank of Abyssinia, on Thursday, 30 December 2021.

At a virtual launch event that attracted several distinguished guests of honor and stakeholders, Wegen Technology has announced that their donation platform, WegenFund, aims to fill the critical lack of a local donation platform that can pull donation funds from all over the world to charities and noble causes of any kind in Ethiopia, reads the statement sent to Business Info Ethiopia.

“Ethiopians are generally keen on helping each other individually or supporting various charitable causes and initiatives, and the launching of WegenFund will help all Ethiopians to easily support any cause that they would like to donate to”, said Ambassador Tefere Melese, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UK and Ireland.

Ambassador Tefere Melese

“WegenFund’s major goal is allowing charities, religious organizations, and associations to build their own campaigns and collect donations with the requisite clearance received by the Bank of Abyssinia and WegenFund,” stated Fesese Gebrhana, CEO of WegenFund.

Ato Abay Sime, Bank of Abyssinia, Online Banking director, stating that Abyssinia bank is technology driven and working with a range of digital initiatives in the country, said “We are very delighted to be one stakeholder in WegenFund’s efforts for mobilization of donation locally and internationally.”

Members and board members of various charitable organisations, including the umbrella organisation Association of Civil Societies for Ethiopia attended the launching event. They emphasized that WegenFund was developed at a vital juncture in Ethiopian history when Ethiopians needed to come together to address the country’s diverse socioeconomic concerns and thanked it for aiming to serve all charitable organisations.

Dr. Belachew Chekene Tesfa, the director and co-founder of WegenFund, also stressed the need of founding WegenFund now, citing the current circumstances in Ethiopia. “We built a state-of-the-art online donation platform – WegenFund – based on Ethiopians’ well established tradition to help one another and the unavailability of an Ethiopian-based modern donation platform that is available for the general public”.

Dr. Belachew Chekene Tesfa, Director and co-founder of WegenFund

WegenFund co-founder and lead developer Million Ajebe noted, “WegenFund presents a unique combination of opportunities to transfer knowledge to Ethiopian young IT professionals as well as to self-sustain Ethiopians through a platform that is built and controlled by Ethiopians.”

Million Ajebe, WegenFund co-founder and lead developer

Who is Behind it?

Wegen Technology Solutions PLC is a technology firm founded by individuals with over a decade of experience working for several international companies. Wegen Technology offers a broader range of IT consulting and implementation services, such as software development, web development, and data analytics. Despite the fact that there are several well-known donation platforms in Western nations, there are extremely few options to transfer money to Ethiopia. Wegen Technology Solutions PLC created the WegenFund donation platform in collaboration with the Bank of Abyssinia. WegenFund assists Ethiopian charities, religious organizations, and individuals in creating online causes and campaigns. WegenFund makes it easier for Ethiopians all across the globe to donate to their favourite charities.

Wegenfund can be accessible at www.wegenfund.com


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