The Customs Commission has announced a revision to the standards for imported personal appliances.

The commission said that Directive No. 923/14, which replaces the present directive that creates the conditions for the admission of personal appliances into the nation, had an influence on the provision of services for illegal trade.

  • The updated personal appliances import directive reduced the 102 categories of products that were previously eligible for duty and tax-free importation by travelers to 16 types, or 84 percent.
  • It was also stated that returning Ethiopians can import personal appliances that have been used by themselves for at least 12 months duty-free.
  • According to the commission’s information, if the person receiving a personal appliance as a gift does not have a taxpayer identification number, she/he must pay 30% income tax in addition to duty and tax.
  • It is also stated that receiving presents or gifts more than twice in one year is not permitted.
  • The decree is set to take effect on August 23, 2014, according to the Ethiopian calendar.

Read the Amharic Version of the Directive


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