Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (08 Jun 2022)-It is to be recalled that the World Bank gave 210 million dollars to fund groundwater development initiatives. and on separate occasions according to EPA, the World Bank (WB) has also donated over 405 million USD to Ethiopia’s health sector on two consecutive occasions to help speed up the availability of COVID-19 vaccination and groundwater development in arid and low rainfall areas.

Accordingly, the bank has committed 195 million dollars to Ethiopia’s efforts to make COVID-19 vaccines available throughout the country and to rebuild conflict-affected public health institutions.

According to EPA, WB Ethiopia Director Osman Dion stated that the assistance will benefit the country’s underdeveloped health system. By increasing immunization programs across the country, the funds will also improve the current 30% coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine and slow the development of the pandemic.

“At the same time, the support will go a long way toward improving Ethiopia’s health system in terms of mother and child health, nutrition access, and other essential services, as well as reaching conflict-affected rural areas and vulnerable communities.”


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