Ethiopia’s economic growth is expected to reach 4.3 percent by 2022, according to the World Bank. It’s an optimistic forecast based on the idea that a rise in commodity prices on the global market will assist Ethiopian economies expand faster this year. The World Bank’s current forecast is well behind the Ethiopian government’s and Africa Development Bank’s (AfDB) estimates of 8.7% and 8%, respectively. Despite signs of recovery from the lowest rate in 2021, the bank warned that further challenges must be overcome before Ethiopia’s economy returns to the nine percent growth rate seen in 2019, The Reporter wrote.

According to the report, Ethiopia, the world’s largest Low Income Country (LIC), had a severe deceleration in growth in the 2020/21 fiscal year, falling to an anticipated 2.4 percent, or about two-thirds of the pre-pandemic average, owing to the war. Ethiopia’s growth report for 2020/21, on the other hand, was 6.3 percent.

Unlike the International Monetary Fund, which blanked Ethiopia’s prediction owing to political uncertainty, the Bank includes Ethiopia in its current ‘Global Economic Prospects,’ which spans the years up to 2023.


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