You have surely heard of all sorts of expensive automobiles the rich drive, either for comfort, pride, or a show of wealth. But have you ever heard of license plates being auctioned off for millions of dollars?

To most of us, license plates are simply identification numbers for vehicles, there for bureaucratic and safety reasons and nothing more. However, in other parts of the world, these plates have been used as a show of pure luxury, social status, or just as a cool factor.

Luxe Digital, a magazine dedicated to the publication of luxury lifestyles, compiled a list of the 20 most expensive license plates in the world.

Valued at a shocking $24.3 Million, California plate “MM” takes the top spot, followed by equally astounding plates “F1” and “New York”, bought for $20 million each and found in the UK and USA, respectively.

The rest on the list have been sold for less than $10 million, with the 20th license plate (plate no. “66”) sold for $1.2 million in Abu Dhabi.

In fact, 13 of the plates on the list were sold in Dubai, making the country the most populated with these prestigious registration numbers. 

The 20 most expensive license plates in the world:

20. 66 – Abu Dhabi: $1.2 Million

19. 22 – Abu Dhabi: $1.3 Million

18. 10 – Abu Dhabi: $1.3 Million

17. 99 – Abu Dhabi: $1.5 Million

16. 12 – Abu Dhabi: $1.6 Million

15. V – Hong Kong: $1.8 Million

14. 11 – Abu Dhabi: $1.8 Million

13. NSW 4 – New South Wales, Australia: $2 Million

12. 18 – Hong Kong: $2 Million

11. 28 – Hong Kong: $2.1 Million

10. 2 – Abu Dhabi: $2.7 million

9. 9 – Dubai: $2.8 Million

8. 7 – Abu Dhabi: $3.9 Million

7. 5 – Abu Dhabi: $4.6 Million

6. 09 – Dubai: $5.7 Million

5. 1 – Abu Dhabi: $9.5 Million

4. D5 – Dubai: $9.6 Million

3. New York – USA: $20 Million

2. F1 – England: $20 Million

1. MM – USA: $24.3 Million

Our source confirmed that C2022, like B2021, is one of Ethiopia’s most expensive license plates.

For the full list and story behind each plate number, visit Luxe Digital’s official page using the link below.


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