YBM Avocado Oil Factory sold 44,000 liters of oil to the European market for the third round, according to the Sidama Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

According to the report, YBM Avocado Oil Production Industry, one of Yirgalem Integrated Agricultural Industrial Park’s top agricultural industry factories, has created market ties with almost 45,000 farmers organized through 23 cooperatives.

The factory takes an average of 25,000-30,000 kg of raw avocado every day and manufactures oil, producing permanent and temporary work for 230 citizens, according to the Sidama Industrial Parks Development Corporation. It has already shipped 94,000 liters of oil to Italy and is shipping 44,000 liters to Europe for the third time.

Mr. Tamene Gobena and Mrs. Meskerem Mulugeta, husband and wife, own the company and are involved in agriculture investment by owning three farms, running an agricultural machinery and equipment importing business from Europe and South America, and managing the export of various agricultural products to Asia, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (27 May 2022)


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